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How to choose Home Insurance in 5 steps?

The decision to purchase home insurance may be the most important one that a homeowner has to make. Homeowners need to understand what they are getting into before purchasing any coverage for their home, and it is always best to do research on homeowners insurance in order to find out how much you should pay for your monthly premiums as well as what type of coverage you will receive so that if anything were ever to happen, you would know exactly where you stand with the law.

The following article provides 5 simple steps on how homeowners can choose between different types of home insurance plans offered by various companies so that they can get the right amount of protection without having too many headaches later down the line.

Choosing the right home insurance is not always easy. There are many factors that go into it and you need to be knowledgeable about them. Here are 5 steps to help you find the best coverage for your needs:

1) Check with a Licensed Agent that you can depend on. The quality of the agent will be evident by the amount of knowledge that you gain from the experience. Our agents will not "upsell" you on coverages that you don't need but will let you know how each of the coverages work and give you peace of mind when disaster strikes.

2) Find out what type of policy suits you best (e.g., replacement cost, full replacement, or cash value) and how much liability protection you should have in case someone gets injured on your property.

3) Consider if there's a particular area in which you want more protection than others, such as earthquake coverage or flood insurance. Be sure to ask for a free quote from different insurers before making your decision so that you can compare rates and benefits among providers.

4) Roofs are a big deal. The newer the roof the better the discount. However, some companies will not cover the full price to replace a roof if there is damage. They do this to be more competitively priced. Replacement cost is a must in our office.

5) Deductibles could be wildly different between companies. Some are a percentage of the Dwelling Coverage ( E.G. $300,000 Dwelling coverage with a 1% deductible is a $3000 deductible.) This shift of financial responsibility will effect the premium however, when a claim is filed that savings would disappear.

Homeowners who are looking to purchase home insurance need to do their research before going into the process blindly. When researching, you should always find out what your monthly payments will be and how much coverage you'll receive. This way, if any damages occur in your house, you already know that all of them are covered by an insurance company. If this sounds like a lot of work for something that is not easy to understand then give us a call or fill out our form so one of our experts can guide you through the process.

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